Sustainable grape growing : Mating disruption introduction

Let us introduce you to our winegrowers Thierry Deville and Bastien Alvado, with whom we have followed the introduction of mating disruption method.

What is mating disruption?

This is an alternative method to treatment with insecticides, respectful of the auxiliary fauna. This technique consists of saturating the atmosphere with synthetic pheromones similar to those of female Eudémis, a butterfly whose larvae are harmful to our vineyard. During the reproduction period, the eggs are found on the vine and the larvae will nibble the flower buds and damage the grapes. This diffusion of pheromones will create confusion in males and thus limit the reproduction of these butterflies, whose larvae, also called “cluster caterpillar”, impact the quality and quantity of our harvests.

For 4 years now, the winegrowers of the Alma Cersius cellar have been using this alternative method, which fully participates in our HEV (High Environmental Value) approach.

In the photos: our winegrowers Thierry Deville and Bastien Alvado who have chosen sustainable wine growing by installing these pheromone diffusers.