Highlight of our Coteaux de Béziers IGP cuvées

In an article in its last issue, the Journal du Biterrois highlights the Coteaux de Béziers IGP wines that won medals at the National IGP Competition. During this competition, our Cersius white 2020 and Cersius red 2019 cuvées were awarded a gold medal, and our Jardin des Charmes Viognier-Grenache and Gardian Grande Réserve Rosé 2020 cuvées won two silver medals.

These contests are more important than ever, especially at this time when there are no trade fairs. And these medals are worth something, this is not “l’école des fans” (a French TV show in which child sang songs of their idols), you have to go get them.” – Marc Robert, Alma Cersius’ CEO.

What is the Coteaux de Béziers IGP?

Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the IGP area extends over 17 towns located around Béziers. Since the recognition of the Coteaux de Béziers IGP in 2015, Alma Cersius have had its heart on promoting it, by creating renowned high-quality wines. Click here to discover our prize list.